1. Drag Race UA Bumper – Nitro Nation World Tour – Mythical Games – 3D Environment, Lighting, Animation, Rendering, Comp (everything but the cars)
  2. Stone a1 Phone Concept – Personal – Concept, Design, Modeling, Lighting, Rendering (everything)
  3. Physics + Forces 001 – Personal – Concept, Design, Modeling, Lighting, Rendering (everything)
  4. Party Pass Key Art – Blankos Block Party – Mythical Games – 3D Scene Design, Lighting, Rendering
  5. Featured Character NFT Drops – Blankos Block Party – Mythical Games – 3D Scene Design, Lighting, Rendering, Animation
  6. D20 – Personal – Everything except background chars by @mz4250
  7. Blobs Series – Personal – Concept, Design, Modeling, Lighting, Rendering (everything)
  8. Trippy Gallery – Personal – Concept, Design, Animation, Motion Capture, Lighting, Rendering (everything but the character models)
  9. VIAL Bar Concept – Personal – Concept, Environment, Menu Design, Modeling, Lighting, Rendering (everything)
  10. Distort – Personal – Concept, 2D Motion Design, 3D Motion, Lighting, Rendering (everything)
  11. Nitro Nation World Tour UA Bumper – Mythical – Concept, Design, Modeling, Lighting, Rendering, Comp (everything except the logo design)
  12. savepod Kickstarter Preview – savepods.com – Scene, Animation Lighting, Rendering
  13. Marble Spiral – Personal – Everything
  14. PSYKO Boutique Pedal Concept – Personal – Spline + Framer - Concept, Design, Modeling, Animation, Interactive (everything)
  15. NFL Shield UA Bumper – NFL Rivals – Mythical Games – Everything (except the logo of course)
  16. Monster Smash Logo Animation – NFL Rivals – Mythical Games – Modeling + Animation
  17. Scared Blob – Personal – Everything

savepods Product Presentation

Nitro Nation World Tour - UA Renders

NFL Rivals - UA Animation

NFL Rivals - Drop Animation

Hopewell and Grace - How It Works

Hollister - Illustration

Hello! I am a 3D-focused motion designer and creative generalist currently based in beautiful Columbus, Ohio.

In my work, I aspire to strike the delicate balance between zany off-the-wall concepts and thoughtful design execution. I am insatiably curious, constantly exploring new tools like Rive, Spline, and Unreal Engine 5. I get inspired by taking these new technologies combined with the skills I've aquired over the past decade to bring fresh energy to every project I encounter. I revel in solving problems and tackling challenges. In addition to my 3D and 2D motion graphics capabilities with Cinema 4D and After Effects, I have a versatile design background which includes apparel design, packaging and label design, illustration and more. I love to make people laugh.

Have a creative project that needs a novel and impactful solution? Reach out!