My name is John. I am a freelance designer based out of Columbus, Ohio specializing in motion and CG. Prior to freelancing, I spent six years on the Hollister brand at Abercrombie and Fitch creating graphics for t-shirts and sweatshirts, pattern for underwear and swimwear, and labeling and packaging for a variety of product.

By combining a big-picture creative perspective with a wide breadth of capabilities, I’m able to jump in on any part of a project or lead a project from start to finish. In addition to design abilities, my previous roles have taught me to be effective at listening first, collaborating humbly, and iterating quickly to create engaging and effective work.

I will be forever excited about learning new technology and applying it to design solutions. Most recently, I’ve been diving in to Unity and Unreal Engine to unlock the potential of VR, AR, and realtime rendering in my creations.

I would look forward to bringing my creativity and collaborative spirit to your projects. Please reach out via LinkedIn, Dribbble, Instagram, or send me an email with your idea and let's get to work!